3 Mar 2016


JRC 3D Reconstructor: NEW RELEASE 3.2.1

JRC 3D Reconstructor® even more powerful!

New Sensors Integration

Import as Grid Point Cloud your:

- Dot Product DPI-7 scanner
- Faro Freestyle 3D
- Riegl VZ series with Multiple Echoes selection
- Topcon GLS-2000 CL3 and CLR

New 3D Mesh

The newest tool to create closed mesh models for industrial (e.i. tanks), architectural and mining/caves surveying projects.

New Bundle Adjustment

Registration Tools:

More powerful tool for automatic target-less scans registration and new optimized bundle adjustment feature to minimize the global registration errors.

New BIM Format Importing

New advanced tool to compare a CAD master model and the as-built or part of an object. 
Import a 3D model, included the new format IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and STL or easily create a 3D mesh model out of your scan data. 
Use the unique Inspection feature with the newest Color Mapping Tool to detect displacement and deformation.

New Measuring Unit System

Manage your projects in the preferred unit of measurement: 
Metric, Imperial, US Survey Feet 
(m | cm | mm | km | th | in | ft | yd | ch | fur).
You have now control on how lengths, areas and volumes will be formatted in all JRC 3D Reconstructor® windows, outputs, PDF reports, etc.


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