10 Mar 2020



Brescia, Italy, February 27th, 2020_Gexcel is glad to announce the new release of Reconstructor® that introduces some very interesting improvements for mining, tunneling, construction, and infrastructure applications thanks to new strategic workflows designed to easily guide customers to final deliverables from the surveying data.

Reconstructor® 4.2 makes a step forward into the processing of large datasets from various 3D sensors and in particular from Mobile Mapping Systems. Reconstructor® 4.2 increases the capability to manage data from tunnels, underground and open-pit mines 3D surveys, thanks to new and improved tools that help users get the result done by a smart process.

Following, a selection of some new key functions introduced in Reconstructor® 4.2:
  • Tunnels, underground and open-pit mines: easy extraction of sequential cross-sections along tunnels axis; measurement of areas and volumes along tunnels; creation of DEM (digital elevation models) starting from 3D point clouds; straight workflow to extract isolines and contours from open-pit mine models and DEMs.
  • Terrain models, buildings and infrastructures: orthophotos can now be used to quickly and efficiently create facades' depth maps. This function can be used also by final users' clients thanks to the new GoBlueprint free tool. Also the procedure to extract, display, measure, and move to CAD profiles and cross-sections is now faster and more efficient.
  • Vegetation: color mapping for point clouds classification and to support the vegetation removal process.
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26 Jul 2019


HERON_The portable mobile mapping winning solution

Why our client Loves HERON 

1) High local accuracy between 2/3 cm. Heron AC/MS Series is the unique SLAM based system in the market that integrates Velodyne HDL 32
2) High global accuracy achieved by the Unique Clouds Constraints tool where "control scans" (any kind point cloud) are used both as constrain to increase the quality of the 3D model created by the SLAM post-processing, both as constraining for the georeferentiation
3) User-friendly desktop software to post-process Heron data: the user always has the full control of the data elaboration 
4) Full HD Color Point Cloud: Heron integrates Full HD Panorama camera and one-shot 5K image acquisition. Stop, acquire 5K picture, go. RGB Full HD point cloud is automatically created without any kind of post-processing action, user side. 
5) Real-Time 3D change detection: load your previous 3D model (any kind of 3D model, both point cloud and BIM one) into HERON memory, auto localize Heron in the area to be inspected, start moving to display the geometrical differences in 3D real-time 
6) Versatile and clever: use Heron tilt, upside-down or mount on a car to enlarge your survey area 

Find more about the HERON family! 

Visit the HERON web page or write to sales@gexcel.it

5 Jul 2019


EVENT — HERON technology for Museum documentation and Tourism activities

23th July 2019, Italy — Presentazione del lavoro di rilevamento dell'area espositiva Museo Ridola.

HERON Ridola Museum documentation

Si rinnovano i successi e la scelta della tecnologia HERON per lo sviluppo di attività Turistiche e Museali. Questa volta l'interesse arriva da parte del Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali (MIBAC) e dal polo Museale della Basilicata per progetti dedicati allo sviluppo del territorio. 

Il 23 Luglio 2019 nella storica Sala conferenze del Museo Archologico Nazionale "D.Ridola" Gexcel presenterà il progetto di rilevamento 3D eseguito nel Luglio 2018, dell'intera area espositiva del museo Ridola mediante l'uso di HERON iMMS (Indoor mobile mapping system).

La conferenza è aperta al pubblico ed aprirà le porte alla X International Summer School, organizzata dal Comitato Internazionale Fotogrammetria Architettonica - COIFA e dal Prof. Pietro Grimaldi.

Per maggiori informazioni riguardo all'utilizzo di HERON o per partecipare alla conferenza: marketing@gexcel.it

3 Jun 2019


PRESS RELEASE — HERON®-Verity Integration Introduces Real-Time 3D Mobile Mapping and Construction Verification

HERON - Verity integration

The collaboration between HERON, the latest wearable mobile scanners from Gexcel and Verity construction verification software from ClearEdge3D, significantly advances scan-to-BIM workflows with streamlined data collection and construction QA/QC

Manassas, VA – May 29, 2019 – ClearEdge3D, makers of EdgeWise, Verity, and Rithm for Navisworks software, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Gexcel, makers of HERON® wearable scanners, that was unveiled at the SPAR 3D & AEC NEXT conferences last week in Anaheim, CA. 
The two companies have joined forces to make it even quicker and easier for AEC professionals to conveniently gather as-built data with Gexcel’s HERON wearable laser scanners—and to compare that data against design/fabrication models using ClearEdge3D’s Verity software, allowing 100% verification of installed work in real-time.
"The partnership between ClearEdge3D and Gexcel brings together two globally recognized AEC tech leaders in the 3D world that are committed to making scan-to-BIM workflows more efficient with truly cutting-edge technologies," - Matteo Sgrenzaroli, Gexcel R&D Manager 
“It’s not just a commercial agreement, but a demonstration of our commitment to providing outstanding solutions to our customers and the AEC industry." - Giorgio Vassena, Gexcel CEO
“The HERON scanner is a state-of-the-art 3D mobile scanner powered with cutting edge Simultaneous, Localization And Mapping (SLAM) technology. It features a host of proprietary algorithms to minimize drift and maximize accuracy and speed. We are excited to add it to our growing hardware portfolio.” - Kelly Cone, VP of AEC Industry Strategy at ClearEdge3D. 
This forward-thinking partnership makes it even easier and more convenient for users to find construction mistakes before they become expensive problems. Using real-time visualization of survey results, users can promptly identify out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work. For companies interested in learning more about this collaboration, please contact us at: sales@gexcel.it for more information. 

About ClearEdge3D 
ClearEdge3D is a global technology leader in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry, offering advanced software solutions that help firms model existing conditions and verify that recently completed work has been constructed correctly. The company’s EdgeWise software dramatically speeds labor-intensive 3D modeling workflows by utilizing advanced automated feature extraction and assistive modeling technology. Its Verity construction verification software compares point cloud data of recently completed work against a design or fabrication model, flagging any out-of-tolerance or poorly installed elements. For more information, please visit http://www.clearedge3d.com. 

About Gexcel 
Gexcel started in 2007 with the mission to turn the latest scientific achievements in the field of geomatics into hi-tech products and services for wide areas of application. Gexcel is a worldwide well-known company capable to transform its know-how in advanced 3D surveying technologies, innovative and productive software and instruments. Gexcel has a rich history spanning more than 10 years of proven fully featured LiDAR and imagery analysis software compatible with all the lidar sensors of the main laser scanner manufacturers. Gexcel is currently present on the market with innovative surveying instruments and it is involved, with several partners, in various projects for the development of innovative solutions based on laser scanner, SLAM and digital photogrammetry.   

8 Apr 2019


EVOCATION European project: Fellows recruitment

evocation european project

Formare la prossima generazione di innovatori, creativi ed imprenditori del 3D, per affrontare le sfide attuali future nei campi dell'acquisizione di geometrie scalabili e ad alta fedeltà, estrazione di strutture semantiche, elaborazione, visualizzazione e fabbricazione 3D per applicazioni professionali e di consumo. 

Questi sono gli obbiettivi del progetto europeo "EVOCATION-Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication" che vede Gexcel partner insieme a enti di ricerca e Università che rappresentano l’eccellenza europea nella gestione di dati tridimensionali. Finanziato dalla Commissione Europea (call Horizon 2020 sulle reti di formazione europee Marie Skłodowska-Curie), vede la partecipazione oltre che di Gexcel dell'Università di Rostock, che coordinerà il progetto dal CNR-ISTI di Pisa, dal Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD di Darmstadt, dall’Università di Zurigo, dall’Università Tecnica di Vienna, dal Dipartimento CRS4 di Sardegna Ricerche e dall’azienda ungherese Holografika. 

Il progetto, iniziato il 1 ottobre 2018 per la durata di 48 mesi, creerà un collegio di dottorato di primo piano a livello europeo. I dottorandi saranno associati ai partner del progetto e da una lunga lista di istituti che si sono resi disponibili ad ospitare per definiti periodi di tempo i dottorandi stessi. Tra questi enti e aziende sono presenti il Museo Archeologico di Cagliari, le Università di Cagliari e Pisa e l'impresa NVIDIA. 

Il ruolo di Gexcel nel progetto è di affiancare e formare il candidato nel programma di dottorato di ricerca di 36 mesi coordinato tra otto partner accademici e industriali, nello specifico il candidato sarà coinvolto nello studio e nello sviluppo di una pipeline di acquisizione e ricostruzione (strumenti di mappatura mobile e software di elaborazione), focalizzata sulla ricostruzione di geometrie interne 3D e per estrarre informazioni funzionali dalla realtà acquisita. Il progetto EVOCATION si inserisce nelle attività di un gruppo che è stato finora partner maggiore in 14 progetti UE e 4 USA nel periodo 1996-2018. 

Il reclutamento per i ESR borsisti è iniziato. 

Visita la pagina EVOCATION Recruitment per maggiori informazioni sulle pozizioni aperte. 


Gexcel is the technical partner and contributor of the European project "EVOCATION-Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication" financed by the European Union’s (EU) Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Marie Skłodowska-Curie. The Rostock University (Germany) coordinates the project supported by public and private bodies including CNR-ISTI, Fraunhofer, Zurich University, Vienna Technical University, CRS4 and Holografika. Third parties collaborations face the Archeological Museum of Cagliari, Cagliari University, Pisa University and NVIDIA enterprise.

The EVOCATION network of public and private entities is naturally multidisciplinary and multi-institutional will train the next generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative experts who will be equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to face current and future major challenges in scalable and high-fidelity shape and appearance acquisition, extraction of structure and semantic information, processing, visualization, 3D display and 3D fabrication in professional and consumer applications.The project has started on October 1, 2018, will continue for 48 months, to create a European foreground fellows collegium.

The Gexcel role is to support and train the candidate in the 36 months research doctorate program. The candidate will be involved in studying and developing an acquisition and reconstruction pipeline (mobile mapping instruments and processing software), focused on reconstruct 3D indoor geometries and to extract functional information from captured reality. The ESR initially will carry out the research of reconstruction on different inputs separately (3D data and image), then will explore data fusion techniques to improve structure recovery.

Recruitment for 14 ESR fellowships has started.

Visit the EVOCATION Recruitment Page for more information about available jobs.
Learn more about the EVOCATION project

26 Feb 2019


PRESS RELEASE — NEW Reconstructor® 4.0

26th February 2019, Italy — Gexcel today announced a new JRC 3D Reconstructor® release with revolutionary changes and improvements that are going to bring interesting and powerful features on the 3D LiDAR data processing software market. 

With the coming release, the well-known software manufactured by Gexcel will change its name in Reconstructor®, a revised brand for a new agile and easily usable application. This newest release 4.0 expands on the most popular software features, providing customers with even more opportunities to get more out of their dataset, save time and build stunning deliverables.

“Since the beginning, Reconstructor® has been a unique tool for a wide range of laser scanning users. This new release is a great step forward in terms of efficiency, usability, and brilliance”, said Matteo Sgrenzaroli, Gexcel’s R&D manager. “There’s a rich basket of new features in this new release, and we can’t wait to see what users will create with it”.

These are some of the key functions added or improved in Reconstructor® 4.0:

  • NEW SOFTWARE MODULARIZATION and LAYOUT to organize the processing tools and customize the software user interface: Reconstructor® 4.0 and its new add-ons are organized in a completely new user interface that provides simple and straightforward access to the software tools.
  • NEW RENDERING ENGINE for a new powerful way to display 3D modelsReconstructor® 4.0 upgrades the 3D visualization engine providing a completely new and more efficient rendering environment for clouds and meshes, unlocking a completely different experience of 3D object visualization. A strong improvement in using the PC graphics resources will let customers handle point clouds up to 200% larger than before.
  • FASTER and MORE EFFICIENT DATA IMPORT and PROCESSING: With Reconstructor® 4.0, the time required for scan importing and filtering is dramatically reduced, saving more than twice the time required by previous releases.
  • LineUp to automatically register CAD and BIM models: LineUp®, the popular and appreciated technology for automatic scans registration, is now fully embedded in Reconstructor® 4.0 main module. The well-known automatic target-less registration tool has been improved to support CAD/BIM and mesh models. 
  • X-RAY ORTHOPHOTOS for easy measuring and drawing: Reconstructor® 4.0 offers a completely new way to extract orthophotos and blueprints enhancing the relevant geometric features of a 3D scanned object. With the innovative GoBluprint free tool, it will be extremely easy to share X-Ray orthophotos among the users' community.

Press HERE to discover the entire changelog for Reconstructor 4.0 



For more information or to receive a quotation, contact us: sales@gexcel.it