8 Jun 2015


PRESS RELEASE — OPMMS: Innovation in Slope and Open Pit Mine monitoring and surveying

8th June, 2015, Toronto — The OPMMS® (Open Pit Mine and Slope Monitoring System) is the well known platform to manage long term surveying and monitoring sessions by using Teledyne-Optech Ilris terrestrial laser scanner.
Now the OPMMS® solution can be furnished along with:
- a rugged control unit
- an automatic and remotely controlled enclosure to protect the Teledyne-Optech Ilris long range laser scanner
- a software to manage long-time monitoring sessions providing deformations maps and statistics, recording 3D data and managing different kind of alarms.

The OPMMS® data can be also used to extract profiles and contour lines, or to obtain volumes from the scanning data.
The OPMMS® 3D data can be merged with points or point clouds coming from UAV, GNSS, total stations, mobile or airborne lidar surveying systems.
The OPMMS® is part of the large family of Gexcel's software and solutions developed to help and support the 3D surveying activities and the data integration processes (of multi-surveying and multi-resolution data) of worldwide clients.

Learn more about OPMMS®

Come and visit Gexcel at the Teledyne-Optech Imaging and Lidar Solutions Conference that will take place in Toronto, June 9-12.

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