4 Jun 2015


PRESS RELEASE — 4D Inspector® and LineUp® Pro presented in Japan at the FARO 3D User Conference Asia Pacific 2015

4th June, 2015, Tokyo — Gexcel and SGS Gexcel Japan have just attended the FARO 3D User Conference Asia Pacific 2015/Japan where they have presented 4D Inspector® (to remotely control and to run an automatic 3D monitoring project): a solution able to transform the Focus3D in a 3D automatic monitoring system.

Several demos of the powerful new LineUp® Pro target-less registration tool have created large interest and surprise among surveyors and technicians present at the Conference.

JRC 3D Reconstructor - LineUp® Pro is so easily able to perfectly align tens of scans without any geometry constrain, in a so short elaboration time, using only 20% of scan overlap, that the alignment problems can be considered as solved.

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