29 Apr 2015


PRESS RELEASE — 4D Inspector® officially presented to the South American surveyors at MundoGEO, Brazil (Gexcel | Booth 187)

29th April, 2015 — 4D INSPECTOR® will be officially presented to the South American surveyors during MundoGEO (Brazil, May 5th/7th).

This software can remotely manage any Focus3D laser scanner and run an automatic 3D monitoring session of buildings and infrastructures. 4D INSPECTOR® automatically transfers the scans to a remote PC where automatic deformation check runs and alarm emails can be sent to the site managers.

At MundoGEO it will be possible to see an interactive demo at the Gexcel's booth 187.

If required, 4D Inspector® can also control a protective enclosure (ScanArmor®) that can protect the Focus3D from damages.

The 4D Inspector®+ScanArmor® system has won the FARO® Asia Pacific Product Innovation Award 2014. Perfect for real-time monitoring indoor application, 4D Inspector® is having a great success in the market for the easy to use interface and installation procedures.

The remote control of a scanner and the automatic monitoring sessions have never been so easy!

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