11 Dec 2014


New JRC 3D Reconstructor 3.0 !

NEW JRC 3D Reconstructor 3.0 !

1. Revolutionary LineUp® Pro tool

Automatic alignment of large scan dataset without targets and information about scans positions.

Look how easy and fast is to automatically align more than 60 scans of the San Marco square in Venice.

2. New interface

  • completely redesigned
  • easier to learn
  • for a more efficient work
  • more pleasant to be used

3. Special Editions improvements

  • Faro® raw data can be directly colored during the JRC 3D Reconstructor® importing phase
  • Optech® Parser directly linked to LineUp®
  • Stonex® projects imported with full resolution internal cameras linked to each reference scan
  • Z+F® and Riegl® projects rapidly importable with drag&drop
  • Z+F® spherical images imported at full resolution projectors and linked to each reference scan

4. New FORENSIC package

with a perfect balancing between automation and user control.

...all this and more in JRC 3D Reconstructor 3.0 !

                       What's new?                      

     Demo download of new release !     

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