9 Oct 2014


PRESS RELEASE — New Gexcel 4D INSPECTOR® for automatic 3D measurement and inspection of buildings and infrastructures

9th October, 2014, Berlin, INTERGEO — At INTERGEO, Gexcel has announced the new 4D INSPECTOR®: the perfect solution to automatically monitor possible deformations and get results in real time.

  What for?  

  • For automatic 3D inspection of buildings, tunnels, industrial plants, complex structures, etc.
  • For surveying and monitoring large construction sites, big infrastructures, also when frequent 3D surveys are needed
  1. Several static laser scanners, located in different positions, can be fully controlled by a remote control unit
  2. The operator can schedule a scanning agenda and 4D INSPECTOR® automatically drives the scanners located in the surveying site
  3. The data are downloaded, directly via Ethernet, to the 4D INSPECTOR® control unit
  4. In real time, the 4D INSPECTOR® evaluates and visualizes the deformations obtained from a comparison between the scans and the reference model
  • The scanners can be mounted inside a safety enclosure (Scan Armor®) and protected by direct damages
  • All the point clouds used to check the deformation are stored in the control unit and can be used for detailed data analysis
  • 4D INSPECTOR® actually works with Faro and Z+F static laser scanner

4D INSPECTOR® was created in the Gexcel's research laboratories located in the Polaris Technology Park of Sardegna Ricerche (Pula, Sardinia – Italy).

4D INSPECTOR®: Project Creation

4D INSPECTOR®: Real Time Results

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