3 Oct 2014


PRESS RELEASE — Gexcel announces the new LineUp® Pro tool based on the exclusive Gexcel AutoScanRegistration® technology

3rd October, 2014, Brescia (Italy) — Gexcel Srl (software and solutions provider in the Geomatics sectors) announces the release of the new LineUp® Pro based on the exclusive Gexcel AutoScanRegistration® technology.

The AutoScanRegistration® technology allows the automatic alignment of series of scans that have at least  a 20% overlap. With the AutoScanRegistration® approach, it gets very easy to align scans without targets (i.e. when it is difficult or impossible to take on field target positioning).

  LineUp® Pro  
Import your overlapped scans and run the AutoScanRegistration® algorithm! 
Several tests have shown an incredible high level of convergence.

  • Installed on JRC 3D Reconstructor® FORENSIC new package
  • Installed on PointR3 2.0 new version
  • All the features of the LineUp® included
  • The unique Automatic Alignment Target-Free included

  • Installed on JRC 3D Reconstructor® 3.0 new versions
  • Installed on PointR3 2.0 new version
  • Perfect to manage all the alignment procedures: point clouds importing and filtering, automatic target detection, geo-referencing, scans alignment per groups, cloud to cloud best fitting alignment, bundle adjustment.

  To know more, come and visit us at Intergeo Berlin (Booth C4.001 | All 4.1) !  

Figure 1: Scans to be aligned

Figure 2: Scans automatically aligned

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