13 Jun 2014


NEW JRC 3D Reconstructor 2.9.2 !

NEW JRC 3D Reconstructor 2.9.2 !

                                         What's new?                                         

1. Faster filtering and pre-processing
  • Twice faster data filtering and pre-processing

2. Smaller project file
  • Much smaller project file dimension 
  • Tool for already existing project file size reduction

3. Parallax effect correction tool for external camera images
  • manage and correct the parallax effects for external cameras images
  • manage the different positions between camera and laser scanner

4. Import 3D survey data from UAVs

  • importing tool for point clouds and meshes from UAVs
  • scale and reference meshes and point clouds according to lidar data
  • merge UAVs 3D surveyed data (point clouds/meshes) with point clouds, 3D models and oriented images in JRC 3D Reconstructor
  • new PixR3 (from images/UAV data to 3D)

 What about the new Scan Armor 1.2 ? 

At the SPAR Japan 2014 Conference (Tokyo, June 4th - 5th) Gexcel and its partner Sooki presented the new Scan Armor 1.2 to remotely control the Focus3D X330. Interesting applications for Indoor Stock Pile measurements... Learn more

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