12 Nov 2013


PRESS RELEASE — Spherical Images Mapping and 3D Stonex data managing on JRC 3D Reconstructor 2.9.1 at SPAR Europe and ELMF - Booth 213

12nd November, 2013, Brescia, Italy_Gexcel Srl is attending SPAR Europe and ELMF to introduce new 3D software tools and solutions focusing on the most recent release of the worldwide renowned JRC 3D Reconstructor® software for Spherical Images Mapping and 3D Stonex laser scanner data managing. In step with the path of the latest technologies in three dimensional laser scanning and photogrammetry, Gexcel Srl has released the new version of JRC 3D Reconstructor® 2.9.1 with a special and unique feature to map Spherical Images on Point Cloud data. These images, directly generated by the 3D laser scanner or by thirdy party software, can be easily and semi automatically mapped onto the point cloud  producing a 3D HR texturized point cloud and 3D HR texturized mesh models. Gexcel is also proud to announce that the new version of JRC 3D Reconstructor® 2.9.1 will manage the 3D laser scanner data acquired by the newest Stonex X300. Fully developed to guarangtee the Stonex data treatment, JRC 3D Reconstructor® 2.9.1 enables to cover the different industry fields.

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