25 Sep 2013


PRESS RELEASE — JRC 3D Reconstructor UAV integration at INTERGEO 2013 (Hall 3 | Booth F3.033)

25th September, 2013, Brescia, Italy_Gexcel is attending INTERGEO, the prime international event to introduce new 3D software tools and solutions focusing on the most recent release of the worldwide renowned JRC 3D Reconstructor software for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Drone platforms.
In step with the path of the latest technologies in three dimensional laser scanning and photogrammetry, Gexcel has released the new version of JRC 3D Reconstructor 2.9.1 with a special and very strong focus on UAV and Drone platforms. UAV and Drones can quickly and cheaply capture georeferenced High Resolution (HR) images. 
Third parties software typically produces GeoTIFF global images and 3D point clouds of the investigated area. These ingredients can be easily managed in JRC 3D Reconstructor to merge the GeoTIFF global image color over the point cloud and produce a 3D HR texturized point cloud and 3D HR texturized mesh models. Using JRC 3D Reconstructor all the volume calculations, cross sections, cut & fill, crests & toes, isolines, etc., can be created with a greater accuracy, thanks to the real color state processing. This new feature again emphasizes the importance that JRC 3D Reconstructor gives to the color information. It is considered as a most powerful tool for detailed geotechnical and geological investigations.

Come and visit us ! Hall 3 | Booth 3.033 at INTERGEO 2013, 8-10 October, Essen, Germany

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