17 Jul 2013


RecLinkAPP: the perfect connection between JRC 3D Reconstructor and FARO

English_JRC 3D Reconstructor software is now perfectly integrated with software and hardware FARO platforms, thanks to the new RecLinkAPP for Scene 5.1: the starting point for a productive workflow that goes from Scene to JRC 3D Reconstructor packages and than back to Scene WebShare! Go to the FARO App Center and FREE download RecLinkAPP!

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Italiano_I software JRC 3D Reconstructor e le piattaforme hardware e software di FARO sono ora perfettamente integrati, grazie alla nuova RecLinkAPP per Scene 5.1il punto di partenza per processi produttivi che vanno da Scene ai software JRC 3D Reconstructor e nuovamente in Scene WebShare! Accedi all'App Center di FARO e scarica GRATUITAMENTE RecLinkAPP!

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