20 May 2013


The new born gexcel R3 stand alone software

  • To handle 3D unlimited lidar data
  • To manage huge 3D point cloud projects
  • To easily extract plants, elevations, profiles
  • To create 2D Image for CAD 3D redrawing
  • To generate new rendering of points
  • Inside an extremely simple interface

Watch how to make the CAD redrawing easier, faster and funnier!

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Il nuovo software gexcel R3 che permette di
  • gestire dati lidar 3D senza limiti
  • gestire grandi progetti 3D 
  • estrarre facilmente piante, facciate, profili
  • creare immagini 2D per il ridisegno 3D in CAD
  • generare nuovi rendering di punti
  • lavorare con un'interfaccia estremamente semplice

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