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13 May 2021


CHANGELOG - Reconstructor 4.3.1

Reconstructor 4.3.1 is out now!

The full changelog is the following:

  • added "hide back facing points" and "splat rendering" options to virtual scan dialogue in order to create more dense and precise grids or orthophotos
  • added "the Min number of ICP iteration" parameter in ICP dialogue
  • HERON 3D panorama export does not modify the rendering settings after the export process
  • fixed loss of coordinates precision when parsing large coordinates in text format
  • fixed point items sometimes being rendered with huge scale
  • fixed that orthophoto image plane is no more rendered in other orthophotos
  • fixed volume from plane constrained by a polyline, it was returning zero volume in some cases
  • fixed orthophoto measures not being displayed in 3D view
  • fixed wrong approximation of coordinate values in the property browser
  • fixed export poses to ReCap format for unstructured point clouds
  • fixed colour mapping dialogue min/max reset buttons providing wrong values
  • fixed precision error during the calculation of out of range points in colour mapping dialogue
  • fixed colouring inspection layer when changing the units of measure from International unit to Imperial or US ones
  • improved reliability of the crash reporter tool; a log file is automatically sent to Gexcel when Reconstructor fails

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