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11 Jan 2023


CHANGELOG - Reconstructor 4.4


Reconstructor 4.4 is out now!

The full changelog is the following:

  • added the "Project data purge" command to remove unused data inside the project folder.
  • added option to remove only groups or groups and contained items when deleting groups from the project view
  • added the option to create UCS from two points and a fixed vertical in the UCS creator window.
  • when exporting models in native formats, added the option to export them in current UCS coordinates. 
  • added the command compute 3D reflectance color layer in the Cloud coloring toolbox and Photo & Color contextual menu. 
  • added a button for computing the histogram in the Inspection dialogue. 
  • added importing annotations from a CSV file with the fields: annotation name; X,Y,Z; comment; hyperlink.
  • added functions to remove big triangles and trim mesh borders in the mesh editor.
  • added support for different rotation ordering conventions in the Euler angles dialogue.
  • added a generic export command for 3DUserNetVISION to export either point clouds (LAS format) or meshes (OBJ format).
  • [HERON add-on] added a tool in the HERON Survey Editor to convert the currently selected frame of a streaming camera to a standalone single-shot camera
  • [HERON add-on] added hide-back facing points option to 3D panorama exporter. 

  • restored export E57 data in column-major order, since it is the most commonly used memory layout.
  • changed the way in which spherical and cylindrical cameras are drawn in 3D scenes, making the consistent with orthographic and perspective cameras.
  • changed the "UCS coordinates" option behaviour in the adjust pose window so that applying a rotation to the selected item will rotate it around UCS centre coordinates.
  •  improved the responsiveness of the Quick Profile and Tunnel Survey tools when loading existing surveys associated with several models.
  • upgraded the LAS exporter using the latest format version 1.4.
  •  improved the appearance of the point list import dialogue, making it more obvious that the preview is limited to five lines.
  • improved the layout of the camera calibration dialogue to better adapt to screens of different sizes.
  • updated 3D mesh algorithm: mesh generation is now faster and does not require the writing of temporary data to disk.
  • updated Chinese language translation.
  •  improved the Point List Row Format dialogue supporting also the simplest case of text files containing the fields: x,y,z.
  •  improved update 3D scene and the point cloud color list when computing a new color layer from the color map commands.
  • moved "Color with Ambient light", "Add color layer from image" and "Merge and split color layer" commands from the Color Mapping dialogue to the Cloud Coloring toolbox and Photo & Color contextual menu.
  • improved the project item drag and drop functionality, providing better visual feedback on whether an item can be dropped into a particular group within the project.
  • reduced approximation error when computing volume from the plane of a mesh delimited with a polyline.
  •  [HERON add-on] overhauled the Prepare reference map tool with improved user experience and new functionalities to automatically annotate trajectory points when generating from a HERON point cloud.
  • [HERON add-on] reduced the minimum voxel size when importing HERON data to 1mm.
  •  [HERON add-on] updated instruction texts to 3DUserNetVISION and OrbitGT exporters.
  •  [HERON add-on] exported the current rendered point cloud's color layer in HERON third-party exporters.
  •  [HERON add-on] split statistical outliers (SOR), outliers and hide black points steps from sensor noise attenuation filter, in HERON data enhancements import.

  • fixed application crash when importing IFC files.
  • fixed the update issue that was rendering geometric shapes with wrong parameters.
  • fixed the cross-sections' computation with geo-referenced data.
  • fixed a failure to import data from another Reconstructor project containing HERON surveys
  • fixed the number of returns detection for LAS data.
  • fixed the fine registration PDF reports not opened.
  • fixed export invalid and noisy coordinates in LAZ export.
  • fixed export truncated coordinates value to textual formats.
  • fixed a bug that prevents computing the area of the mesh.
  • fixed a crash while changing the number of bins in the inspection recipe window. 
  • fixed crash when reading corrupted data from disk.
  • fixed 2D view was not hiding deleted points.
  • fixed crash when importing PTG files with no color data.
  • fixed broken texture mapping functionality.
  • fixed occasional crashes and glitches when loading two models side by side in manual registration.
  • fixed an unintended reset button click by hitting the Enter key in Color Mapping dialogue.
  • fixed the Color Mapping dialogue's excessive size when the min and max labels have many number digits.
  • fixed crash in Color Mapping dialogue computing the histogram using less than three bins.
  • fixed crash while computing the color layer's minimum and maximum values.
  • fixed computation of minimum and maximum values skipping the not-a-number values.
  • fixed a crash due to an invalid histogram in Color Mapping dialogue.
  • fixed a crash caused by a division by zero when painting the histogram in Color Mapping and Inspection dialogues.
  • fixed the Quick Profile tool showing a checkmark even if no profile plane was selected in some rare cases.
  • fixed a bug in the out-of-range field of the PDF report of the inspection.
  • fixed compatibility with systems that use a non-English locale or that have a customized decimal or thousands separator in the Windows regional settings.
  • fixed some issues when using non-metric units of measurement.
  • fixed the formatting of several warning messages that had lost their yellow background.
  • fixed a crash with AMD Radeon GPUs when EDL is enabled in the light settings.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed a failure to import data from another Reconstructor project containing HERON surveys.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed number of returns detection for LAS data.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed the rendering of the Recompute Origin preview from the Send to HERON Desktop tool when the cloud's orientation doesn't match the UCS.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed the rendering of HERON Surveys and their blueprint layers.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed a crash when using certain commands with a heterogeneous multi-selection of items.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed a crash when models with targets are children of another model.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed a crash when creating a reference map from a cloud that doesn't contain a Reflectance layer.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed a crash when importing HERON data from a project where some resources were deleted.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed an issue that made the sub-items of a HERON Survey draggable out of it, resulting in a corrupted project.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed a crash when using point classification functions in projects created through HERON Desktop.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed the formatting of several warning messages that had lost their yellow background.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed an error when computing the spherical coordinates of the HERON 3D panoramas in E57 format.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed a bug that prevents the export of 3D Panoramas when selecting single-shot and streaming cameras.
  • [HERON add-on] fixed a crash if the HERON project file doesn't contain the required metadata for trajectory items.


  • removed E57 format selection prompt: cloud structure is now automatically detected.
  • removed 3bc auxiliary data from point clouds. Color mapping is now computed on the fly using GPU.

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