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18 Jun 2020


CHANGELOG - Reconstructor 4.2.2

Reconstructor 4.2.2 is out now!

The full changelog is the following:


  • ReCap direct export: added an export command to enable direct conversion from native point clouds to ReCap RCS format.
  • Sections/Profiles tools: added "apply to all" option for settings in orthophoto viewer, when multiple orthophotos are open, i.e. when viewing a section survey. 
  • Orthophoto viewer: added pixel metrics to the information overlay in the orthophoto viewer.
  • Export functions
    • added export point clouds as CSV, TSV file formats
    • added export annotations as TXT, TSV file formats
    • added export points as CSV and TSV file formats
  • Distance tool: added vertical plane components (height difference and horizontal distance) to the distance creation tool. 
  • Heron tools:
    • added dialogue to select the clouds to use when snapping or re-snapping an x-ray orthophoto that isn't part of a HERON survey
    • added support for exporting HERON 3D clouds to e57, including the trajectory camera stream and/or the high-resolution cameras


  • Import functions:
    • Improved import of a Reconstructor project: user can now select which items they want to import instead of having to always import the entire project
    • Inserted new version of the importer for FARO scanners data
    • Improved the import/export performance for .e57 files
  • Geo-referencing:
    • made the columns of the geo-referencing point selection dialogue resizable, to better fit targets that have a long name
    • made the target names editable in the geo-referencing dialogue
  • Volume computation: improved volume computation pdf report: added more information about the surface on which volume was computed and added more information about optionally attached cross-section survey.
  • Virtual scan: improved performance of spherical virtual scan, much faster than in previous versions.
  • Translations: updated Italian language translation.
  • X-ray/orthophotos tool:
    • improved display of depth measure and depth grid measure markers, now scaling with the measure arrow size setting
    • improved generation speed of x-ray orthophotos, automatically skipping any clouds that don't fall inside the defined orthophoto volume
    • moved the x-ray orthophoto contrast algorithm selection to an advanced settings dialogue in the x-ray orthophoto creator/editor, configurable and saved with the project data, for each x-ray orthophoto
    • changed the orthophoto resolution setting to always be in pixels per meter regardless of the current units of measure
    • added support for smaller measure font size in the orthophoto viewer
  • Colour mapping tool: overall improvements of the colour mapping dialogue: fast colourization and histogram computation; more flexible Min/Max mapped input fields allow to enter out of range values, Reflectance, Confidence, Curvature and Ambient Light colours excepted; visibility property in the 3D scene is updated while switching from one colour layer to another.
  • Model selection tool: changed the commands “select models in this frustum”, “select meshes in this frustum”, “select clouds in this frustum” and “select projectors in this frustum” to perform a real selection according to a camera field of view, instead of activating the items checkboxes.


  • fixed crash to colour mapping dialogue while editing the number of fixed bins to unknown colour scale type
  • fixed support to integer scalar types layers in colour mapping dialogue
  • fixed units of measure conversion issue when importing a point list in units different than current project units
  • fixed setting of orthophoto resolution in tunnel sections tool was not applied correctly
  • fixed issue when deleting a section survey item with no data
  • fixed error when picking targets in large coordinates inside targets editor dialogue
  • fixed cut & fill tool not working properly
  • fixed cloud pose was not considered when exporting .laz files
  • fixed memory leak in target detection command
  • fixed application process was occasionally kept open in the background after exiting the application
  • fixed unneeded reload of all point clouds to GPU when loading a new point cloud
  • fixed information window refresh issue
  • fixed manual pre-registration not working properly when the user sets a UCS different from the main UCS
  • fixed scaling issues in the launch window on HiDPI displays and on systems with multiple displays at different density
  • fixed the installer leaving entries behind in the Add or Remove Programs list or failing to install correctly when upgrading to a newer version
  • fixed a missing entry in the Add or Remove Programs list on systems with multiple users
  • fixed the behaviour of the checkboxes and the corresponding returned points in the geo-referencing point selection dialogue
  • fixed an issue resulting in incorrectly positioned clouds in the Heron geo-referencing, when the clouds didn't have a zero initial pose
  • fixed the wrong target positioning in the 2D View of manage control points dialogue of a structured point cloud, while importing text files containing only the 3D coordinates
  • fixed the conversion command from point shape to target in the project tree
  • fixed colour layer selection when exporting cloud to .las format
  • fixed crash in cross-sections tool
  • fixed UI update issues when changing the unit of measures
  • fixed a possible crash when deleting a Heron survey containing high-resolution images
  • fixed a crash when importing a .e57 file with multiple cameras associated with the same point cloud
  • fixed a possible crash when loading a HERON LITE Color survey with narrow blueprint layers in the blueprint navigator
  • fixed an incorrect colourization when importing some .e57 files
  • fixed the detection of the reflectance layer when exporting certain point clouds as .e57 or .las
  • fixed a bug in colour mapping dialogue to correctly edit the legend using the fixed bins and fixed space options
  • fixed a delay in the alt+double click function to pick a point on the 3D scene
  • fixed the export point clouds as .txt file formats
  • fixed the export annotations as .csv file format
  • fixed the export points as .txt file format
  • fixed verticality constraint was never applied in the ICP dialogue
  • fixed the orthophoto/x-ray orthophoto image on the 3D scene not getting refreshed after re-snapping it
  • fixed a missing "Duplicate as -> X-Ray Orthophoto" context menu entry
  • fixed the functionality of the orthophoto resolution setting when the current units of measure aren't meters.
  • fixed compatibility with computers having regional settings that use the comma as decimal separator, especially in the import/export functions of interchange formats (.e57, .vrlm)
  • fixed a memory leak in the .e57 exporter
  • fixed crash in import of point clouds as .txt file format
  • fixed crash on application startup after applying the "Make LineUp settings automatically persistent when Reconstructor is closed and opened again" option in lineup wizard settings
  • fixed resulting mesh was overwritten when computing "multi-resolution meshing" more than once on the same point cloud
  • fixed missing units of measures conversion when using "point clouds geo-referencing" command with "best fit" algorithm
  • fixed selections tools not working on a point cloud that was only partially checked inside the project tree view

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