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10 Mar 2020



Brescia, Italy, February 27th, 2020_Gexcel is glad to announce the new release of Reconstructor® that introduces some very interesting improvements for mining, tunnelling, construction, and infrastructure applications thanks to new strategic workflows designed to easily guide customers to final deliverables from the surveying data.

Reconstructor® 4.2 makes a step forward into the processing of large datasets from various 3D sensors and in particular from Mobile Mapping Systems. Reconstructor® 4.2 increases the capability to manage data from tunnels, underground and open-pit mines 3D surveys, thanks to new and improved tools that help users get the result done by a smart process.

Following, a selection of some new key functions introduced in Reconstructor® 4.2:
  • Tunnels, underground and open-pit mines: easy extraction of sequential cross-sections along tunnels axis; measurement of areas and volumes along tunnels; creation of DEM (digital elevation models) starting from 3D point clouds; straight workflow to extract isolines and contours from open-pit mine models and DEMs.
  • Terrain models, buildings and infrastructures: orthophotos can now be used to quickly and efficiently create facades' depth maps. This function can be used also by final clients thanks to the new GoBlueprint free tool. Also, the procedure to extract, display, measure, and move to CAD profiles and cross-sections is now faster and more efficient.
  • Vegetation: colour mapping for point clouds classification and to support the vegetation removal process.
For additional information and demo, click here

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