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6 Aug 2019


CHANGELOG - Reconstructor 4.1.2

Reconstructor 4.1.2 is out now!

The full changelog is the following:


  • added language select option (available in GUI settings dialogue)
  • Added support for spherical projectors (imported with point clouds or from calibrated cameras), in the Blueprint Navigator and HERON Survey Editor


  • improved compatibility with HiDPI displays
  • improved speed of projectors blending tool


  • old log files are now correctly deleted after 30 days
  • fixed a bug that could cause some items to be skipped or not correctly imported when using the "Import Reconstructor Project" function
  • fixed median filter was erroneously enabled for unstructured clouds
  • fixed crash when picking point for a non loaded colour layer
  • fixed edit point list tool not updating properly on UCS change
  • fixed subsampling option was not applied for .fls scans
  • fixed installer was not registering Reconstructor project file extension
  • fixed selected cameras were not highlighted in the 3D scene
  • fixed angle measure tool not working properly
  • fixed the "-" button in the colour mapping dialogue not updating the preview correctly
  • fixed the colour map preset .cmap loading
  • fixed the preprocess point cloud button in the Send to HERON Desktop tool

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