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26 Jul 2019


HERON_The portable mobile mapping winning solution

Why our client Loves HERON 

1) High local accuracy between 2/3 cm. Heron AC/MS Series is the unique SLAM based system in the market that integrates Velodyne HDL 32
2) High global accuracy achieved by the Unique Clouds Constraints tool where "control scans" (any kind point cloud) are used both as constrain to increase the quality of the 3D model created by the SLAM post-processing, both as constraining for the georeferentiation
3) User-friendly desktop software to post-process Heron data: the user always has the full control of the data elaboration 
4) Full HD Color Point Cloud: Heron integrates Full HD Panorama camera and one-shot 5K image acquisition. Stop, acquire 5K picture, go. RGB Full HD point cloud is automatically created without any kind of post-processing action, user side. 
5) Real-Time 3D change detection: load your previous 3D model (any kind of 3D model, both point cloud and BIM one) into HERON memory, auto localize Heron in the area to be inspected, start moving to display the geometrical differences in 3D real-time 
6) Versatile and clever: use Heron tilt, upside-down or mount on a car to enlarge your survey area 

Find more about the HERON family! 

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