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7 Aug 2018




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KEYWORDS: Cultural Heritage | Archaeology | JRC 3D Reconstructor | LiDAR data

Tambomachay, Peru - Orthophoto of the entire complex - by Restauro SAC - JRC 3D Reconstructor
Fig1_Orthophoto of the masonry complex

In 2017, the CDC Ministry of Peruvian culture commissioned to Restauro S.A.C. the surveying of some Inca historical sites. The Tambomachay is one of these: near to Cusco, this site consists of a series of aqueducts, canals, and waterfalls running through the terraced rocks. It is important to know that, till not long time ago, the measurement of these ancient walls was done by very rudimentary techniques: large sheets of millimetric paper were placed on the wall to manually trace the contours of every single stone and later manually redrawn in the CAD environment. As you can imagine, this workflow is incredibly time/money expensive as it requires months (years!) of work to get results always uncertain, because of drawing errors or missing details (ledge, cavity, pictures, etc.). This the reason that brought the company to operate with a laser scanner technology to face this important work. Thanks to this method it was possible to make a complete survey in less than one working day and extract rocks contour lines measurable with millimetric precision, thanks to the JRC 3D Reconstructor post-processing software.

  • To measure, analyze and document the ancient masonry build by the Inca population.
  • To detect the exact position and verify the deterioration and/or structural failure over time.
  • To intervene with conservation works.

    Tambomachay, Peru - Picture of the site and orthophoto of the masonry - by Restauro SAC - JRC 3D Reconstructor
    Fig.2-3_Orthographic view and the picture of Tambomachay site

    Tambomachay, Peru - High Res orthophoto of the stones - by Restauro SAC - JRC 3D Reconstructor
    Fig.4_High Res orthophoto showing the detail of the stones

    « The processing speediness and accuracy allowed us to generate 2D and 3D data with a precision impossible for the traditional surveying methods. Thanks to JRC 3D Reconstructor, we daily improve the quality and productivity of our job. »
    Wilfredo Torres, Restauro S.A.C. | CEO

    To complete the documentation project and illustrate the real artefact conditions, a CAD drawing with orthophotos was provided.

    • Detailed technical table with high-resolution orthophotos
    • 3D point cloud model
    • 2D plans and views with millimetric precision

    • The speediness of 2D and 3D data extraction
    • The millimetric precision of technical results

    • SURVEYING SYSTEM: Faro Focus3D 130x
    • SURVEYING AREA: 2.982 m²
    • SURVEYING TIME: 4 hours
    • PROCESSING SOFTWARE: JRC 3D Reconstructor
    • PROCESSING TIME: 6 hours

      Tambomachay, Peru - CAD plans with CAD plans with photographic view - by Restauro SAC - JRC 3D Reconstructor
      Fig.5_Plan of the scanned site


      RESTAURO S.A.C. is a Peruvian company that offers a wide range of services related to Cultural Heritage needs. Founded in October 2009, it offers solutions for management, conservation and restoration problems thanks to a national and international experience as well as a selected professional team and high-level technologies.

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